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Darren Pencille stabbed his victim 18 times

A man who stabbed a passenger to death in a row on a train has been found guilty of murder.

Lee Pomeroy was travelling with his 14-year-old son when he was stabbed 18 times by Darren Pencille on the Guildford to London service.

Jurors at the Old Bailey rejected Pencille’s claim he acted in self defence.

Mr Pomeroy died with his son next to him at Horsley station on 4 January, the day before his 52nd birthday.

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Lee Pomeroy was killed the day before his 52nd birthday

Pencille, who was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, killed the father-of-one when a “chance encounter” escalated into a frenzied and fatal attack, the court heard.

He first stabbed Mr Pomeroy in the neck, then inflicted 17 more injuries in the 20 seconds that followed.

Pencille’s girlfriend Chelsea Mitchell, of Farnham, Surrey, was found guilty by a majority of 11-1 of assisting him.

The court heard a victim impact statement from Mr Pomeroy’s wife, Lana, who described his murder as a “senseless loss of life”.

She said her husband was her “guide and supporter in life” and said he was a doting father.

Mr Pomeroy and his son got into the same carriage as Pencille at London Road, Guildford, and made their way down the aisle before the row started.

Jurors heard they may have been blocking Pencille’s way, prompting him to make the remark: “Ignorance is bliss.”

The row escalated into swearing as Mr Pomeroy demanded an apology but then Pencille produced a knife and stabbed him in the neck, cutting through the jugular vein.

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